NUVA Annual eMeeting 2021 Media Documents

NUVA eMeeting 2021

Media Documents

All the talks available below have obtained the publication permission of the speaker.                                             

Meeting Talks

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Dr. Bertrand Bonfond. Université de Liège. Belgium
An eye on the auroras: coordinated observations of Jupiter from Hubble and Juno


Prof. Gregory Herczeg. KIAA/Peking University, China
First Results from the ODYSSEUS Team: Accretion, Ejection, and Disk Irradiation of CVSO~109 Gregory_Herczeg_presentation 
Dr. Allison Youngblood. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. USA
A Radiatively Driven Wind from the eta Tel Debris Disk Allison_Youngblood_presentation
Ms. Ada Canet. JCUVA, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain
Strong Flare Activity and CMEs in AB Dor. Implications for planetary habitability Ada_Canet_presentation
Prof. Miguel Chavez Dagostino. Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica (INAOE). Mexico
GALEX NUV observations in the field of the KEPLER mission 
Miss. Deepthi S Prabhu. Indian Insitute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru. India
A census of UV-bright stars in the dense globular cluster NGC 2808 using UVIT-HST-Gaia deepthi_Prabhu_presentation
Dr. Snehalata Sahu. Indian Institute of Astrophysics. India
AstroSat/UVIT legacy survey of Globular Clusters (GlobULeS) – FUV-optical CMDs of eight GCs Snehalata_Sahu_Presentation
Mr. Ranjan Kumar. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. India
AstroSat/UVIT legacy survey of Globular clusters (GlobULeS). II. Evolutionary status of hot stars in M3 and M13Ranjan_presentation 
Dr. Peter Brown. Texas A&M University, USA
Swift Ultraviolet Supernova Discoveries Peter_Brown_presentation
Dr. Samantha Oates. University of Birmingham, UK
Swift/UVOT follow-up of Gravitational Wave Alerts in the O3 era Oates_presentation
Dr. Ana I Gómez de Castro. JCUVA, Universidad Complutense de   Madrid. Spain

The new standard bands for UV photometry


Miss. Ananya Tuli. University of Notre Dame. USA
Probing the Gas Vertically Extended above the Perseus Spiral Arm of the Milky Way  Ananya_Goon_Tuli_Presentation
 Miss. Sonika Piridi. National Institute of Rourkela, Rourkela. India
Study of Galactic structure using UVIT star counts Sonika_Piridi_presentation

Mr. Lauro Conti.  Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics Tuebingen, Germany
Update on the development of UV MCP detectors at IAATLauro_Conti_Presentation
Dr. Arianna Miraval Zanon. INAF-Observatory of Rome. Italy
Ultraviolet and optical pulsed emissions from an accreting millisecond pulsarArianna_Miraval_presentation 
Prof. Denis Leahy. University of Calgary, Canada
AstroSat UVIT measurement of the structure and star formation history of the centre of M31Denis_Leahy_presentation
Mr. Daniel Pauli. Universität Potsdam, Germany
New results and the impact of the UV HST observations on our understanding of a massive binary in a metal poor galaxyDaniel_Pauli_presentation
Dr. Kanak Saha. IUCAA, India
Lyman continuum leakers from the AStroSat UV Deep Field Kanak_Saha_presentation
Dr. Sadman Ali. Subaru Telescope (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan). Hawai, USA.
Evolution of the UV upturn phenomenon: He-enhanced stellar populations in early-type galaxies 
Mr. Suraj Dhiwar. Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics. India
The central region of the enigmatic Malin 1Suraj_Dhiwar_presentation
Miss. Divya Pandey. National Instititue of Technology. India
The deep Ultraviolet survey of galaxies in the Bootes void using AstroSat/UVIT