After the success of the NUVA Workshop, virtual e-meeting held in October 2020, the NUVA has decided to organize an e-meeting, lasting 1-2 days, every year (except in the years coinciding with the traditional NUVA workshop).

The meetings will be dedicated to specific topics to take advantage of the short time frame available for this type of global e-reunions.

2023Annual eMeeting NUVA 2023

“On the path to the New Ultraviolet Astronomy: scientific challenges and new technologies”.

24th to 26th October 2023
2021Annual review and update eMeeting NUVA 2021.

“Status and new UV results from HST, Astrosat and LUT”.

26th and 27th October 2021 .
20202020 Virtual Meeting

"Ultraviolet Astronomy in the XXI Century".

The Workshop has been split into two events due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The face-to-face meeting was moved to 2022 and a virtual meeting was held from October 27th-29th, 2020