1st NUVA Conference

Aims of the conference

The Network for UV Astronomy (NUVA) is defining a road map for UV astronomy at European scale. This conference is organized to provide a discussion forum on the scientific needs for UV instrumentation and to assist in the identification of the key-technologies for this purpose.

Key scientific drivers for UV astronomy are: the study of the chemical enrichment of the Universe, the physics of astronomical engines, the formation and remote detection of life sustainable systems and the determination of the distribution of diffuse matter in the Universe (from ISM to IGM). For this reason, there is a broad list of scientific topics covered by the conference (from the history of star formation across the Universe and the cosmic web to the evolution of solar-like stars and its influence on their planetary systems). The role of numerical simulations in our understanding of the major observable will also be addressed.

The final objective of this conference is to identify the prime observable and to specify the instrumentation required to obtain them.